Mr. Pizza, Pizza, Gorham, NH

Romantic Italian Restaurant in the heart of Gorham, New Hampshire

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Jim and LouAnne - Owners

I’ve eaten in many restaurants over the years, being on the road most of my life there really are no options, at least none that I’d deal with. I am quite “fussy” when it comes time to sit down and enjoy a meal that when you’ve had a hard day you just want everything to go the right way for a change and get what you want, ordered, and the way it was ordered with the courtesy that most all wait people should have if that’s the avenue they’ve chosen because when you serve people, in any business, a smile and good demeanor go a long way.

I’ve recently eaten in a restaurant, called “Mr. Pizza”, in Gorham, NH, that belongs to two of my customers, Jim and LouAnne Pelkey. Yeah, I know, I thought the same thing too, a pizza for your big meal after a long day? Maybe I should try a “real” restaurant and have a really nice meal to put that smile on my face and in my stomach. Oh what the heck, I’m here and I really should go to my customers place out of appreciation and courtesy.

WOW, was I completely off base in that line of thought! When I got inside I was more than pleasantly surprised. It had a quaint dining room as well as a sports type lounge that was also part of the eatery area with a very comfortable atmosphere. After perusing the menu I found it too be very broad in selection, and after quizzing the waiter, that had not only a smile on his face but had the more than eager to please attitude, I found that the menu was not the typical frozen into the fryalator type food you’d expect but home made Italian, fresh seafood, and beef dishes that rivaled some of the better larger city restaurants! In fact, I found out that they have a special on Friday and Saturday nights that will knock your socks off! A delectable PRIME RIB dinner that’s slow cooked all day and once you’ve tried it you find a reason to be in that area any Friday or Saturday that you can, at least I do.

We (myself and my crew) made reservations, on the suggestion of the owners, for the prime rib dinner for the upcoming Friday night. When we arrived at the restaurant I could see why the reservations were suggested. The parking lot was nearly full! We all ordered the special the way we liked it and it came out exactly the way it was ordered and it was simply divine. One of the best prime rib dinners I’ve had anywhere!

This just goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by its cover or don’t handicap things these days. In this case the Mr. Pizza sign really says, “Come on in and enjoy our home style cooking” and you’ll be very glad that you did!

Thanks Jim and LouAnne for a very pleasurable experience.

Norman Mabie, President

PS~The pizza is good too

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